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The Social Value Practice
Helping you to help others

The Social Value Practice supports SME organisations of all sizes and types across the United Kingdom to understand and create social value for their stakeholders and the wider community.

Via training, facilitated workshops and consultancy support, our team help organisations to achieve their social value aims regardless of their size or the sector they are operating in.

Our approach is to work collaboratively with you to embed social value within your organisation, supply chain and wider stakeholder groups. The process is incremental and is tailored to your own time frame and organisational needs. Regardless of how well developed your social value processes are, we are able to help you to move through the three stages of social value awareness, commitment and consistency.

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What we do

Create social value strategy, policy and governance

Inspire and improve staff awareness and involvement, which includes training and creating social value across your organisation

Create bespoke stakeholder communication plans to articulate your social value principles to your wider stakeholder groups, including your supply chain and customer groups

Liaise with local community, and identify voluntary and social enterprise groups who can support you

Create social value initiatives and combine your initiatives into wider strategic programmes

Use social return on investment tools to measure the impact and success of your social value activities

Provide accurate and impactful reports for your stakeholders and evidence your social value impact

Articulate your social value successes when responding to the invitations to tender

Continually improve your knowledge and awareness and ensure you achieve the impact your stakeholders need



Why measure social value?

Well, why measure anything? There is an oft-quoted phrase from Peter Drucker’s book “The Practice of Management” which is “what gets measured gets managed”. The quote has a number of variants; “if you cannot measure it, you cannot manage it”, “you cannot manage, what you cannot measure” and so on. The point though is valid regardless of how it…

8th December, 2019 | 2 min read

What is Social Value?

Social value is the contribution you make to society, and in particular to your local society and community (where you operate). Every organisation makes an impact. Some impacts are negative, for example pollution or poor working conditions.

Some impacts are positive, including providing employment, developing a supply chain, and training the next generation of apprentices. Some impacts are planned, and some are unplanned. Many of the most positive organisations were doing it long before the concept of ‘Social Value’ came along – they are simply “doing the right thing”.

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