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This stage follows acceptance and commitment to the Strategy. By implementing the strategy throughout the organisation your organisation will meet the award criteria and be eligible for our Silver “Commitment” Social Value Practice Award.

The award is offered at three levels:
1. Bronze: Awareness
2. Silver: Commitment
3. Gold: Consistency

Our implementation services include:

  • Create a timetable for implementation using the theory of change methodology (see below)
  • Develop further the specific initiatives identified at the strategy stage to ensure that any potential issues do not arise
  • Project manage implementation, including relevant staff training
  • Ensure that mechanisms are in place for points of contact and measurement metrics are in place. Knowing in advance how you are going to collect your data will make the measurement and reporting much easier when you reach the next stage
  • Confirm progression through Social Value Practice Awards as the criteria are met

Although we have a team of people, we normally provide a named individual to work alongside you for the duration of the implementation stage. Retaining continuity means that implementation can often be achieved very quickly, especially if we have been involved in the earlier stages. However, it does depend on the nature of the initiatives. For example, you may wish to spread initiatives across a 6-12 month period.

Successful implementation requires good project management and collaboration skills. Careful design and planning of your intervention(s) and implementation will make implementation easier, but care must be taken to ensure that everything is in place in advance, especially if you are using partner organisations in the local community to support you. Again, early involvement in the strategy and planning stages will ensure that your chosen partners will be fully prepared to go live and manage everything to completion. Get in touch today and we can help you with your campaign, not just including regular feedback and information gathering sessions, but also to share lessons learned that can be applied to other initiatives.

What is a Theory of Change? (ToC)

Normally it is shown diagrammatically, and it links each of your activities to the outcomes you would like your stakeholders to experience. We treat our Theory of Change models as a live document and update it throughout the process, always keeping our original so that we can compare the two models once the implementation is complete. By doing this, we hope to improve subsequent ToC models and increase and improve our accuracy and planning. We also advise recording assumptions for each step of the ToC and compare these to what happened. Again, even though each initiative could be unique, recording assumptions and comparing them expedites learning and improves the whole process each time we do it.