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Our social value impact measurement and reporting stage links with the awareness and commitment stages, allowing your organisation to meet the Award criteria for our Gold level “Consistency” Social Value Practice Award.

This service is for organisations that are already delivering social value and recognise what they are delivering, but do not have resources or specialist skills to capture, measure, understand and report their social value the impact.

The service includes:

  • Reviewing areas of social value contribution to their local community that may be relevant to existing/ prospective customers
  • Developing a logic chain to illustrate the social value impact that these contributions have on the community
  • Identify social value measures that can be used both to measure impact historically, and to use going forward. See our discussion on calculators
  • Confirm the impact and measures used with stakeholders including, as a minimum: beneficiaries of impact; staff; organisers/ managers of contribution made by company
  • Prepare a report to illustrate the impact in a format suitable to submit to your stakeholder groups

As discussed in our sections on calculators and toolkits, there are a wide variety of different methods available for measuring your social value. Get in touch today and according to your requirements, we will help you to decide what method best fits your needs. The method of social value reporting and measuring you choose will depend on how much time and resource you have available, the nature of the initiative and the reason for your social value measurement and reporting. For example, if you are measuring for internal reporting purposes only, then the social value reporting calculations do not have to be as robust as when you are reporting to receive additional funding. The nature of your audience will determine the nature of the report you require but we can provide interactive social value reports with infographics and videos or straightforward text reports.