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Building on the assessment stage, in our social value strategy stage we work with you to create an action plan to strengthen your company’s social value activities and credentials.

Your social value strategy is not something that stands separate from the rest of your business strategy. Rather, it aligns with, and is embedded in, your existing business objectives and existing systems and processes. We can help you to decide what it is you want to achieve and then link those social value objectives with the rest of your business activities, employees, supply chain and the wider community to which you deliver your services.

The emphasis is on proportionality, ease of implementation and embedding social value across your organisation:

  • Based on gap analysis from assessment we will work with you to identify a programme to develop your organisation to “Commitment” [this is the Silver Social Value Practice Award].  However, depending on how well developed your social value is, it may be that you can receive a Gold award [“Consistency”]. The award serves to demonstrate to your employees, customers, supply chain and wider stakeholder groups that you are committed to the beginning or continuing your social value strategy.
  • Where appropriate, we will interview customers or prospective customers to clarify their social value requirements. This is an important element as it helps you to focus on what matters and as trained researchers, we are able to undertake this element via desktop research if preferred. For example, reviewing customers websites, existing partners, policies and grey literature, but also their geographical area to identify any existing social value initiatives or needs within the community.
  • Working with your team we will support you with the preparation of a social value strategy road map. The strategy will include governance, documentation, staff communication and a plan for embedding social value within and across your organisation. Typically, a plan includes actions for each of your stakeholder groups under a wider framework of activities to help you achieve your social value objectives.
  • We use a Theory of Change model (see implementation) which is proven to work and allows you to work collaboratively and think strategically. It will include ideas for engaging with your employees, supply chain, local community and any target groups for your wider social value activities. This approach ensures that all your stakeholders are involved and communicated with and you are creating a social value impact that matters. We can identify the problem(s), who is affected, what are the consequences, barriers and opportunities etc and map these so that your target group benefits from the maximum social value impact.

Like the social value assessment stage, the time taken to create a meaningful social value strategy will vary between organisations and does require time to research and reflect and to communicate with stakeholders. Generally, this stage will take between 4-10+ weeks depending on organisational size and nature of the services. The duration is slightly longer because your team needs time to reflect on ideas in between meetings and to review any research we undertake for you.