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Social Value Practice’s certificate in social value has been specifically designed for SMEs (turnover £0 to £50 million). The three stages of the certificate help an organisation to map its progress from having an awareness of social value through to making a consistent commitment to considering social value across all its activities and involving all its stakeholders.

The three stages are: bronze (awareness), silver (commitment) and gold (consistency).

The requirement for certification is proportionate to the size of the organisation and its activities, and award criteria are tailored to the nature of the services, the size of the company, and the sector within which they operate. The benefit of the approach is that any company in any sector may be awarded the certificate, but the journey will be different for each one and there will be no preconceived ideas of what the firm must do. The certificate is not a one size fits all and is flexible both in terms of its application and its content.

Each level of the certificate examines your organisational knowledge, the actions you have in place and how you communicate and interact with your stakeholders. Progressing through each level of the certificate will increase your organisational knowledge and allow you to implement and evidence social value within your organisation. The reported benefits of implementing social value include higher rates for both attracting employees and subsequent staff retention, as well as improved employee relations, customer satisfaction and local community involvement. It will also help you to better measure, monitor, analyse and report your social value activities when responding to invitations to tender.